Our sales managers work with customers of all sizes and types from large contractors to small mom and pop shops to provide quality products with turn key installation. From the initial dock design process to installation and testing, we work hand in hand to install a dock system that fits your organizations needs and that will withstand the wear and tear of your operations. When it comes to asset longevity, we partner with a variety of vendors who lead the industry in quality for dock equipment and doors to provide you equipment that will last. Our skilled install technicians who are familiar with these products ensure that this equipment is installed properly and meet compliance standards with our advanced testing at the end of installation. See below for a list of contractors that we work with:

 Installation Process

Fairborn Equipment provides support throughout your companies installation from product guidance to planning, installation, and testing. Our expert team in sales can support you in making the right decisions about your dock equipment and doors and help guide you through the process. Once a project begins, our project managers provide advanced support to help the installation run smoothly and help ensure that your dock and door equipment installation runs in line with your organization's schedule. This array of support helps Fairborn Equipment stand out in customer service amongst our competitors.




We work with you to identify the equipment that meets your needs through our comprehensive partner network and other vendors. 



Our project managers and salesmen coordinate to get your equipment and materials on-site, ready to install.





Our expert technicians install your equipment and test it to certify its proper operation.

Interested in a Quote?

Please reach out to one of our territory sales representatives to discuss our product offerings and get a quote for your company’s project.


Territory Sales Contacts:


Cincinnati/Dayton/N. Kentucky
Kevin Hadley
(e) Kevin
(c) 513-502-3079

Ryan Halbert
(e) Ryan
(c) 614-314-4863

Jason Kearns
(e) Jason
(c) 419-306-9527


Other Midwest:    Bob Hare  (e) Bob  (c) 614-406-0930



North Jersey/New York
Ryan Arnosky
(e) Ryan
(c) 732-648-7071

South Jersey
Jim Kimmick
(e) Jim
(c) 908-339-5834

North Pennsylvania
Peter Bumbulsky
(e) Pete
(c) 267-980-8578

South Pennsylvania
Dan Robertson
(e) Dan
(c) 267-667-2594

Other MidAtlantic:    Randy Robinson  (e) Randy  (c) 267-784-8189



Mat Fischer  (e) Mat  (c) 513-748-9452